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Manuscrit Ludwig Partiturbuch 700x177

This program of German music is based around pieces written for violin and viola da gamba inserted in a manuscript from the Wolfenbüttel library, The Ludwig Partiturbuch. These pieces have the particularity of presenting a little-known aspect of the work of the mysterious Johann Jacob Froberger, an emblematic figure of 17th-century keyboard music who made his career working for Emperor Ferdinand III in Vienna. Although traces of his music can be found throughout Europe, the transcriptions of his suites of dances for violin and viola da gamba in this manuscript are unique. For the Duo Coloquintes, they were the starting point for a more extensive transcription and adaptation of his work, supported by pieces from the same period for duo or solo instruments.

Various programmes based on Froberger's duets have been created, depending on the concert, including 'Froberger and Couperin en tête à tête' and 'Froberger Européen'.

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Duo Coloquintes

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